Wilful Changes

When I decided to write my long planned cosy mystery, I had to put myself in a very different mindset to my normal romance books. Although I always have a clear vision of the beginning, middle and end for all my stories, I’m not very good at plotting the journey. My characters often make their own decisions and have been known to do something I really wasn’t expecting, leaving me changing the course of the story to accommodate them.

As a result I found switching over to writing a mystery book to be much more demanding in terms of planning. In the first few chapters of Deadly Whispers, I regularly fell out with characters who were giving away clues, forgetting their alibis and generally not behaving as they should. The secret, I discovered, was much more detailed planning and the story evolved on a huge timeline pinned to the wall where all movements were tracked and clues, secrets and red herrings were all diligently recorded. Of course, there were still problems and I did occasionally find people where they shouldn’t be and saying the most inappropriate things!

But generally, it worked and having lost myself in the mood of the picturesque village of Lower Dimblebrook and it’s delightful inhabitants, I decided that it would be a shame to stop so I continued writing. Even as Deadly Whispers was being proof read and going through the publication process, I was writing the sequel, Wilful Changes in Lower Dimblebrook which will be published on the 16th December. I’ve never written two books in such quick succession but it seemed fitting on this occasion. As a reader, I love discovering a book and then finding that there’s already a sequel waiting for me and I wanted this to be the case for Deadly Whispers. Any reader who enjoyed wandering along the winding lanes of Lower Dimblebrook wouldn’t have to wait long to discover what happened next in Issie’s new life in rural
And book 3 won’t be far behind! I’m working on the timeline and will settle down to writing fairly soon. Of course there is the small matter of Christmas to deal with so it won’t be finished as quickly as Wilful Changes but hopefully in the very early part of next year Key Mishaps in Lower Dimblebrook will appear on the bookshelf which will be three books in the Isabelle Darby Cosy Village Mystery series, all written within 6 months. Go me!