Lucy Mathers Goes Back To Work

Finishing my latest book has not been an easy. In April I lost my Dad to a long fight with myeloid leukaemia and returning to my writing desk a few months later and picking up with everyday life was incredibly hard. There was more than one occasion when I thought about stopping and leaving this book for another time. But with the support of my wonderful family I kept going and despite being a long way behind schedule, my new book, Lucy Mathers Goes Back to Work is now available!

As an independent author I rely entirely on my readers to find, read and review my books and I have been amazed at the wonderful comments that have been left over the last few years. My books have done incredibly well and that’s due to the willingness of readers to try an author they’ve never heard of before and take the time to leave a review. I sincerely hope that my readers enjoy Lucy Mathers Goes Back to Work just as much and thank you all for your incredible support.

Julie x