Lower Dimblebrook is now officially a series!

Key Mishaps in Lower Dimblebrook is now published! It’s the third in the Isabelle Darby Cosy Village Mystery books which I’ve decided qualifies it as an official series.
It was a hard book to write for all sorts of reasons. The lockdown initially resulted in a huge increase in my productivity, but by the end of 2020 I was struggling. Ill health and worries about the rest of my family left me really questioning whether I could even finish the book. The plot was beyond me and some days I couldn’t even remember the title let alone what was happening. But I find committing to a publication date makes you pick up your socks and I managed to press the all-important button on schedule, although I could now do with spending several weeks in a darkened room staring at the ceiling and not thinking about anything important! I’ve done nothing in the way of marketing and I celebrated publication day by staying in bed but my wonderful readers supported me as always – thank you! There will be more of Lower Dimblebrook in the future but it’s time to go back to romance for the next couple of books and I’ve already started writing my next novel which is about a young woman who inherits a tumbledown beach hut just as she loses the love of her life. The story is set in a small English seaside town so I’m leaving The Cotswolds for the south coast and now that the lockdown is almost over, maybe I’ll be able to take a ride down there to immerse myself in some salty fresh air and imagine living on the beach.

Sounds quite pleasant after the year we’ve all just had!