First Box set!!

I love finding new authors whose work I enjoy and who have a huge backlist of books that I can binge read instead of getting on with my own writing! Instead of waiting impatiently for the next book in the series, they’re ready and waiting for me and I tend to read voraciously for several weeks until I’ve exhausted the list. If course, that immediately puts me back in the position of having to wait for the next release but that’s life. 

My own back list is relatively small but I can’t help feeling I’ve just taken a massive step forward with the release of my very first box set – and I am so excited! I haven’t written a new book or even had a new cover created but the thrill is still the same. It means a huge amount to see a compilation of three books I’ve written sitting snugly together – yes, that’s right, three books! I’ve always wanted to release a series and now it’s happened and I couldn’t be happier.
So if you haven’t yet read any of the cosy mystery series set in Lower Dimblebrook, now is your chance to get all three books together!

Now I’m going to have a cup of tea, calm down and get on with some writing. But if you would like a copy of the Isabelle Darby Cozy Village Mystery Series, Books 1-3, I hope you spend a lovely few days getting to know the residents of Lower Dimblebrook!