Did I Mention…A Sequel?

It’s finally happened!

After much longer than I intended to take, I finally got myself into gear and have finished, edited and published the second instalment of Rebecca’s glamorous life-after-lottery. Did I Mention I Was Getting Married is now available on amazon and is seconds away from being delivered to your kindle, ready to read! So if you’re interested in what Rebecca has been up to since she finally remembered to tell her husband she won the lottery, and how she’s been spending her millions since, why don’t you pick up a copy, grab a cup of tea and get stuck in!


4 thoughts on “Did I Mention…A Sequel?

    • Julie Butterfield says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I had no plans to write the second book in the series but I had so many requests I decided to revisit Rebecca, which I quite enjoyed. I have another book in the planning stage at the moment but I must admit I’ve already thought about returning to Willow Court and tying up a few loose ends. No promises but who knows, there may be another installment! Thank you for reading
      Julie X

  1. Julie cole says:

    Just sat and read all your books, thoroughly enjoyed them all and can’t wait for another to be releasedx

    • Julie Butterfield says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them, it means a lot to get such positive feedback! I’ve already started on my next book, hopefully to be released early next year. Thanks again for taking the time to write
      Julie x

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