Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews – could it be Karma?

My husband religiously reviews every book he reads. He is reluctant to leave anything below a 2 star because he understands how debilitating that can be for an author, but when he reaches that final page he sits back, pulls out the laptop and writes a review.
I have written very few reviews in my life even though I am a prolific reader, for some reason it’s never been something that I felt a need to do. Because, after all, who wants my opinion? Surely you should read it for yourself and make up your own mind? So for many years I have read copious amounts, thoroughly enjoyed countless books and found new authors to follow but left only a handful of reviews.
Then I began writing and suddenly my attitude changed because of course I want your opinion! Of course it matters! I can only hang my head in shame and apologise profusely to all the writers who did such a wonderful job entertaining me so magnificently and who I then ignored when Amazon asked me, very politely, if I would like to leave a review. I now realise that reviews are the life blood of authors.
It’s a fact that only thing improves your sales as a writer and that is more sales. But, within the vagaries of Amazon it is undeniable that people are more likely to buy your book if it already has a number of reviews (especially if they are good reviews). And if you have more reviews then more people buy your book, which means more opportunity for people to leave reviews which leads to more sales and … I think you can see where I’m going with all of this. So I’ve learned over the last few years that Amazon reviews are actually crucial to the success of a book.
Family and friends are often unable to leave any comment on Amazon, who seem to know if you’ve ever spoken to your reader, ever liked a photo they may have posted on Facebook or even brushed past them in the street. I fully appreciate that they are trying to protect the reading public. They don’t want distant aunts and cousins several times removed who don’t own a kindle and despise reading as a hobby, populating your Amazon page with sparkling 5 star reviews. But it makes it even harder to get those first reviews when your support group is banned from giving their opinion, biased or not.
So maybe it’s Karma that I now find myself in this position. All I know is that I would ask, on behalf of ALL authors that if you enjoyed the book you’ve just read, please take a few moments to leave a review, I know I certainly will!

Julie x