Agony Auntics

The idea for my latest book came to me while I was walking my dogs and as usual, it was nothing more than a brief ‘what if…’ moment. But I loved the concept and a few months later it turned into Agony Auntics, the story of Fliss Carmichael, an online agony aunt who receives an email and suddenly realises that her own marriage is in trouble!
I love to write strong secondary characters, quite often they say things that my heroine/hero would be far too well behaved to mention and one of my favourite characters is in Agony Auntics. I won’t say who it is but if you read the book you’ll probably be able to guess – and if you want to check if you’re right, drop me a line!
And of course, humour is a part of my books. My first two novels weren’t intended to be funny but after receiving many reviews from readers saying how amused they’d been, I decided that I would call any future books Romantic Comedy and just let it happen. I think that in life we’ve all done slightly madcap things and behaved inappropriately, especially where love is concerned, and I love to write about the slightly more chaotic side of true love.
I’m already thinking about my next book, actually my next two books. I am hoping to write a third in the Did I series ready for publication at the end of the year but I would also love to write a cosy mystery. I have one half-finished but it always gets put to the back of the shelf in favour of other books although I am determined that I will finish it one day. I even have 2 more in the same series plotted out and ready to be written so it’s a major project, I just need to find the time. I wrote two books last year and have casually announced to family and friends that I’m going for three this year! Extremely unlikely but it’s a goal. At least I’ve got the first book out of the way so I haven’t completely failed.
I hope you enjoy Agony Auntics and if you do, please leave a review. That’s what keeps all authors motivated and is especially important to self-published authors such as myself. Thank you for all the lovely emails telling me how much you enjoy reading my books, carry on reading and stay safe.

Agony Auntics

As an agony aunt, Fliss Carmichael should have all the answers but when her own marriage begins unravelling at the seams, she hasn’t a clue where to start. After a simple mistake causes an unintended role swap, she becomes the one seeking advice from an unlikely source!

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